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St. Petersburg

Cruise to St. Petersburg

At the easternmost point of the Gulf of Finland lies St. Petersburg, Russia. Tsar Peter the Great established the city in the early 18th century after he recaptured this strategic expanse of land from Sweden in the Great Northern War. This is a grand city to visit from the White Nights festival during the summer nights to the theatre and ballet that define the cultural life that is second to none.

Gdynia (Gdansk)

Cruise to Gdynia (Gdansk)

Here, on the northern coast of Poland, you'll find one of only three major ports resting in the lowlands. Gdynia serves as a gateway to Gdansk, just a short distance away.

Civitavecchia (Rome)

Cruise to Civitavecchia (Rome)

Every visitor to Rome knows there is no shortage of amazing sights to see. The Vatican's Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum with its lurid history and, of course, the Trevi Fountain where a tossed coin promises your return to the Eternal City. Take a walking tour of its many historical landmarks and enjoy the convivial sidewalk cafés. There is no doubt you'll learn the meaning of la dolce vita (the sweet life) when you visit Rome.


Cruise to Dubrovnik

This magnificent walled city on the blue Adriatic Sea is an architectual wonder. As a centuries-old trading center, it once rivaled the famed Venice. Today, its amazing history is reflected in its many monuments and museums. You'll find it exhilirating to explore the man-made treasures such as Old Town and the city's famous wall, but don't miss such natural pleasures as the nearby beaches.


Cruise to Venice

No city in the world is as dazzlingly different as Venice, a seaport built on more than 100 islands. In this magnificent Renaissance realm of canals, bridges and merchants on the Adriatic, gondoliers stand up to sing while they row. Even the buses are boats! You'll never forget the thrill of your first magical moments in St. Mark's Square or being part of the aquatic parade that never ends along the Grand Canal.


Cruise to Corfu

Corfu is one of Greece’s most popular islands and attracts every year thousands of visitors. It is the most northern island of the Ionian Group and lies at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea. It is the second largest island of the Ionian. It is a mountainous island with impressive landscapes, dense vegetation due to the many winter rainfalls, long golden sandy beaches, one of Greece’s prettiest towns, many traditional villages, Byzantine churches, several museums, impressive Venetian fortresses and some lively resorts spread all around the island. The island of Corfu was one of the first islands to open itself to tourism.


Cruise to Barcelona

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is Spain's most cosmopolitan city. It is especially well known for its vitality and style, as you will see on Las Ramblas, Barcelona's main thoroughfare. The city, while boasting monuments that are Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance in style, also captivates visitors with its incredible modern architecture. Among those worthy of attention, are the works of the legendary architect Antonio Gaudí.


Cruise to Malaga

Founded by the Phoenicians, this seaport on the Mediterranean has a variety of historical sights to see. Among the most impressive are the Alcazaba, a Moorish castle begun in the 11th century, and the Cathedral, renowned for its two chapels and impressive choir stalls. Also worth a visit, are the city's superb museums, tranquil parks and the Plaza de la Merced where you'll find the house where Picasso was born.


Cruise to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a thousand year history influenced by ambitious kings, exhilarating artists, and renowned designers. From humble beginnings to a glittering capital of the Danish empire, it never stands still yet the rich past of this city is something that’s greatly appreciated.


Cruise to Helsinki

Helsinki is a modern European cultural city whose urban cosmopolitan lifestyle exists in perfect harmony with nature. Surrounded by the sea and its own exotic archipelago, Helsinki offers visitors an endless number of possibilities. Just as Helsinki cannot be described in one word, neither can it be experienced in just one way. Helsinki really does have something for everyone.

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