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Eastern Europe Cruise Deals

Cruising Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Cruise Deals

Witness breathtaking scenery and have the time of your life on one of the Eastern Europe cruise deals. Visit the land of ancient civilizations, famous composers and well-known writers.

You may opt for eight, ten and even twenty-two day voyages. The best time to enjoy these Eastern Europe cruise deals is the months between May and November. However, several liners offer special deals during the month of December as the itineraries are becoming quite popular. Eastern Europe cruises deals depart from locations such as Rome, Naples, Athens, Bucharest or Istanbul.

Eastern Europe cruise deals sail to exciting corners of the world such as Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, and Croatia. A few cruise companies include the Greek islands as well as Turkey in the Eastern European odysseys. This region is not only known for its cultural wealth, but for its superb gastronomies.

As you reach the much awaited destinations you can relax and enjoy all the luxuries and amenities offered on your Eastern Europe cruise deals. Aboard your ship you’ll find numerous restaurants to dine on international cuisines, a casino to gamble and perhaps win big, state of the art spas to refresh and rejuvenate, lounges for enjoying outstanding performances and staterooms where you’ll find comforts and amenities to make your trip even more pleasant.

If your fantastic journey begins in Austria, consider an escorted excursion or a horse-drawn carriage to view the most regal city of Vienna. Walk through astounding palaces and museums. If time allows take in a concert and listen to the wonders of Strauss and Mozart.

Take a boat journey on the Danube, perhaps all the way to Slovakia where you can disembark in the cosmopolitan city of Bratislava. Visit the castle which stands impressive above the town.

Upon arrival to Hungary, inquire about narrated tours through Budapest. Visit one of the oldest synagogues, cathedrals, historical landmarks and treat yourself to a thermal bath. They’re said to be healing and rejuvenating.
Indulge in a little shopping for hand-made embroideries and other handicrafts.

Get your camera ready to experience the enchantment of Montenegro with its wild and unspoiled beauty. Capture the striking views of Dubrovnik along the Adriatic. Stroll through medieval sites and marvel in the architecture.

Discover ancient treasures and the magnificence of the Bulgarian countryside.

And when in Romania, see how Bucharest has evolved. Admire its architecture and take an excursion to find Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

Eastern Europe cruise deals defy all expectations.
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▪ Enjoy a night out at the Belarusian Ballet in the cosmopolitan city of Minsk.
▪ Explore Riga, Latvia’s mesmerizing capital city that houses a huge number of art nouveau buildings.
▪ Explore St. Petersburg’s Catherine Palace, a stunning and lavish residence built for the Russian Czars.
▪ Explore Vilna’s picturesque old town section, one of Europe’s oldest remaining towns from medieval times.
▪ Go wine tasting at Moldova’s world famous wineries.
▪ Pamper yourself in Jurmala’s world-renowned hot springs and therapeutic mud baths, only 20 minutes outside Latvia’s capital.
▪ Take a fascinating tour through the ex-soviet submarine base in Sevastopol, Ukraine.
▪ Take a walking tour through the cobblestone streets of Estonia’s historic city of Tallinn.
▪ Visit Estonia’s stunning Lohemaa National Park, the region’s last untouched area.
▪ Visit St. Petersburg’s Summer Garden, which houses the oldest collection of statutes in Russia.

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