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Cruising St. George Island

Cruise to St. George Island

Welcome to the fifth oldest Northern European municipality in the Western Hemisphere, after St. John's in Newfoundland founded by the British; Annapolis Royal (formerly Port Royal) founded by the French in Nova Scotia, in 1605; Jamestown, Virginia, founded by the British in 1607 and Quebec City founded by the French in 1608. All were long after the Spanish founded their empire in the New World and the Portuguese theirs. Frank Lawrie visited many occasions to help get the town designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. He is a senior United Kingdom civil servant with Historic Scotland. With such British Government help, on November 30, 2000 it became one of the over 851 World Heritage properties (the list grows each year) in 142 countries on the UNESCO list. Interestingly, on the UNESCO country-by-country listing, it is not shown under "Bermuda " but as one of the World Heritage sites of the United Kingdom (as Bermuda is not politically independent but an Overseas Territory of Britain).  

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